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Lilo is a little bit odd. Loosing her parents at a young age, she struggles to be socially active. Stitch is her best friend and ohana and the same is for him. He would do anything for his buddy.



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United States

Name: 626 or stitch.

Age:not specified

Occupation: lilo's fake pet dog

Role: The adorable distructive one

Loyal to: The Galactic alliance

Habits: Sticking his tongue up his nose, smiles when guilty if something, calls himself cute and fluffy.

Flaws: Can't control his need to destroy things at times. Very picky about everything, has a habit of swearing in alien language , reckless

Companion: Lilo


||| HYPER | excited / cheerful | happy | angry| HOSTILE | calm | upset | MIXED EMOTIONS | neutral | sleepy | | uncomfortable | confused| SORROWFUL | distraught | insecure | crying| jumpy | ANXIOUS | frightened | deathly afraid | content | shy | lonely | bewildered | hurt | overwhelmed | emotional | | peaceful | COCKY | blood-thirsty | lazy | unholy | pious |


|| perfectly fine | fine | getting better | getting worse| Depressed| UMCONTROLED BURST OF OUTRAGE | | losing it | lost it | Insane | completely insane | psychotic | hallucinations | intense paranoia | moderate paranoia | delusional | lost touch with reality | Amnsia CARRYING THE PAST | re-living traumatic event ||


|| perfectly fine | GREAT | fine | getting worse | getting better | aching | burns scarred | | lost voice | wounded | FEARLESS | hospitalized | recovering | enchanted | broken ||

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[ Childhood .. ] 
WDisneyRP-Stitch Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016
||more childhood!||
WDisneyRP-Isabella Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016
((Sorry if my replies are a bit wordy. I like to really go into detail with my RPs. Also, don't forget to watch me. :) ))

Isabella walked around in the streets of Hawaii. She had traveled far from Danville to get here. On her mind today was earning her palm-tree-swing patch. Like the name implied, it required her having to swing from palm tree to palm tree. She wasn't sure how she could pull off something like that, but an idea should come in time. Right now though, she needed to find some palm trees growing close enough together for her to even attempt something like that. She passed by several possibilities, but the trees were too far apart. She was after something a bit closer.
WDisneyRP-Stitch Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Stitch was walking around the neighborhood while lilo I was at her school. the blue creature was pretty much bored and had nothing to do but annoy every citizen that he encountered. He saw a new tourist walking along the sidewalk and raised his fluffy brow. He hadn't see her befor .  
WDisneyRP-Isabella Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Isabella was lost in thought as she went along. Each street she passed, she briefly looked up and down for the perfect set of trees to obtain her patch. One street got her attention as a possibility, but the trees she wanted to swing from were behind a chain-linked fence. Not much could be done there except to keep looking. As she continued her search, a fluffy blue creature of sorts briefly got her attention. She stopped for a bit and looked at the creature, wondering what it was.
WDisneyRP-Stitch Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
Stitch got on his hined leg and smiled forcefully and waved "h-hiiiii~"
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WDisneyRP-Riley Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
((Stitch was my childhood!))
WDisneyRP-Stitch Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016
//mine too!//
WDisneyRP-Riley Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016
((Did you ever hear about the deleted scene where Stitch visited Lilo and Nani's parents' graves?))
WDisneyRP-Stitch Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016
Oh yea it was sad :(}}
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